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  Honeywell ignition module
Part Number : S8610U
Price : $225.00

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Discription :
Universal Compatibility Stock it, grab it, install it. X9547 -- HN S8610U3009 The S8610U offers such universal compatibility that it’s the only intermittent pilot ignition control you need to stock. It replaces more than 300 Honeywell and competitive models, so whether you’re working on single-rod or dual-rod applications, dealing with natural or LP gas appliances or replacing a control from Honeywell or another brand, you can reach for the S8610U and know you’ve got the situation handled. Honeywell also helps speed up the field replacement process by including spark cable adapters that allow replacement of Honeywell and competitive controls without the need to replace existing spark cables. Proven Reliability With more than a decade of service in the field, the S8610U is time tested and proven. You can replace more than 300 competitive models with the S8610U and know that Honeywell’s long history of quality and reliable service is working for you. Specifications Electrical Ratings: Voltage: 24V, 60 Hz Current Draw: 1A pilot valve, 2A main valve Valve Contact Rating: 0.2A Trial For Ignition: 15 second or 90 second field selected (pilot and main gas) Ignition Sequence: Continuous retry; after trial for ignition, pilot gas shuts off for 5 minutes before the next retry takes place Maximum Valve Load @ 24 Vac (Amps): 1A Pilot, 2A Main @ 165° F; 1A Pilot, 1A Main @ 175° F Special Features: • Vent damper connection with automatic vent damper plug; makes for easy replacement for appliances with or without a vent damper • EnviraCOM communications for additional diagnostics
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