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Circuit Board > york/Coleman

  Circuit board kit 431-01972-100
Part Number : CIRCUIT BOARD KIT 43101972100
Price : $565.00

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Discription :
Winchester, York, Coleman, Luxaire Ignition Control Circuit Board Kit with Wiring Harness Upgraded Circuit Board Kit Replaces Obsolete Circuit Board Part Numbers: CIB473231510 031-00662-000 03100662000 P031-01267-001 031.01234.000 2702-310/A 031-01140-701 2702-310-A-7 031-01267-001 031-01140-702 031-01140-001 031-01140-002 031-02166-000 2702-310/A 43101972100 031011140002 031-01140-002 0310126700 031-01234-700 031-01972-000 331-01972-200 031-01234-700 43101972100 431-01972-100 1012-83-9651B 331-01972-200 031-01267-001 031-01267-000 031-01235-700 031-01140-702 031-00662-700 331-01933-000 031-01140-701 G951AEB-1403 031-01140-000 031-01267-001A CAR33101972200 031-01933-000 031-01267-001 031-01933-000 03101933000 031-00662-000 50A50-209 PTH031011400-00 031-01250-000 33101933000 331-01933-000 P03101267001 031-01284-000 031-01140-002 031-01234-700 031-01267-001 G951ADB1401 231F-2 CIB476478 2702-380P 47-3231510-00 47323151000 2702-382P/A 473-23151-000 2702382P/A 2702-310P/A 43-1019721-000 43-323151-000 231F-2 47323151000 CAR47323151000 CARL38808 CAR431019721000 CARL38808 CAR47323151000 G951ADB-1402 CAR43101972100. Used in York, Hamilton, Luxaire, Coleman, Winchester Furnace Models: BGUO7512A BGM10020AX BGM10016BX BGD07512AX BGM10020HX BGM10016AX BGU10016A BGD BGM BGU GMB GUB UGA 2702382PA P3HUA12N06401A FG9C10020UPC11 FG9C10020UP11C FG9A04010DH11C P2URD20N11201A FG8D12520MU11A PBKM-LO14N100E PBKMLO14N100E PBKM-LD14N100E PBKMLD14N100E P2MPD14N08001G PBKM-LD14N100C P2MP014N08001G PBKMLD14N100C XEM0220N140A XEM0220W140C PBKM-LD12N080A G8T100012DNB11A P2MP016H064001A G8T100012DNB11A l8T06012UHA11A PBKM-lD14N100C PBKM-LD12080 BGU1250A P2MPD08N04801B DGU12020UB G8T08012UHALLA DGU12020UB BGD07512AX BGU15020A BGU05010A BGD10020AX P4HUA12N03201A PBKM-LD20N140A P2MPD20N09601A P2MPD12N04801C P4HUA12N04801A P4HUA12N06401A P4HUB16N06401A G8T04012UHA11A G8T06012UHA11A G8T08012UHA11A G8T08016UHB11A P2MPD12N04801F PBKM-LD14N100F P2MPD12N06401D P2MPD14l08001A BGM12520B BGD10016AX BGU07516 BGU5012A BGU15020A BGM12520B BGU10016A PBKMlD12NO8OA PBKM-lD12N080A PAKU P2MPD P2MPV P9MP P2UR PBLU P2LN P2DP P3UR PCLU P1CX PACR P1CD P2CD PAND PBND P3HU P3GEB PCUH P1DU P3UR P3DN P3DH PCDF PACE P2DR PBLD PBKM PBKD P1CK Series.
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