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The Office Pro 18 Delivering the highest cooling capacity possible from a standard 115V power source, the Office Pro 18 portable air conditioner acts as a computer room air conditioner to help companies cool their heat-sensitive office systems and protects against the loss of data. The Office Pro 18 features easy-to-use programmable controls allowing automatic operation after-hours or during weekends when heat can cause damage to expensive office equipment. Automatic computer cooling is yours at the touch of a few buttons! **
The Office Pro 18 makes air conditioning solutions a breeze through its self-contained, portable design. No costly installation is necessary because the Office Pro 18 portable air conditioning unit can simply be wheeled in, plugged into a standard 115V power source and switched on, instantly providing up to 16,800 Btu/h.*** Specifications***
Electrical Voltage-1 Phase, 115V,Current Consumption 15.6 amps,Recommended
Fuse Size 20 amps,NEMA Plug
Configuration 5 – 20


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