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3-Speed Fan Coil Thermostat; 2 or 4 pipe Manual/Auto changeover, Heat/Cool/Auto, 3 speed fan; Supply voltage: 120/240 Vac 50/60 Hz***

The TB6575A, TB6575B, and TB8575A are a family of Digital Fan-Coil thermostats for residential and commercial applications. They are great for use in hotels, condos, and school classrooms. They provide line voltage and low voltage on/off control for various fan-coil units. The three models provide control of 2 or 4 pipe fan-coil units, 120, 240, or 24 Vac, and manual or automatic heat/cool changeover. The fan can also be controlled from the thermostat, which offers three fan speeds (Low, Med, High) and Auto. Valves and auxiliary electric heaters can be controlled using a relay or contactor system switch controlled by the thermostat.


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