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Ductless air conditioner Commercial ductless air conditioners are used to cool buildings and heat pumps have the ability to supplement existing heating systems. Ductless units are available in wall mounted, ceiling suspended and ceiling recessed models.
 Ductless air conditioners are used to cool homes where there is no existing ductwork. Ductless heat pumps can heat and cool your home. Ductless systems are ideal for older homes with radiators or baseboard heaters.
Central air conditioners ccie lab workbooks are used to cool homes by circulating cool air through ducts and removing humidity from the air. Central systems are also available as heat pumps which can heat or cool a house.
Furnaces warm air using a flame of natural gas or propane inside the heat exchanger. A blower sends the warmed air through the house via metal ducts where it enters rooms through a register in the floor or wall.
Fireplace Fireplaces and stoves add a luxurious, warm glow to any room. Wood burning fireplaces offer beauty and tradition; natural gas fireplaces are clean, efficient and convenient; and electric fireplaces can be installed anywhere.
Humidifier Humidifiers provide maximum comfort during the dry winter months. They work by adding moisture to the warm air from your furnace as it passes over the humidifier's evaporator pad and then circulates throughout your home.
Thermostats are manual, automatic or programmable devices that control indoor air temperature by adjusting your air conditioner and/or furnce settings to increase or decrease the amount of heating/cooling your home needs.
Gas barbecue Gas barbecues allow you to cook gourmet meals in your own backyard by creating a perfect pass ccie lab fire at the push of a button. They can be used as a grill, oven, rotisserie or stovetop and come in many different styles and colors.


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