Part Number: A068 RFB 840 88K8401

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A068 , RFB 840 , 88K8401 Replacement Inducer Furnace Blower Motor for Lennox
Description: Combustion blower assembly.
Replaces Part Numbers, 88K84, 88K8401, CAR85L49. 85L49, 85L4901,Used in Furnace Models: Used on some Models: G24M34120A12 G24M3412012 80UHGX4/5-100A-1 80UHGX4/5100A1 80UHGX45100A1 80MGF, 80UHG, 80UHG3/4, F8AUH, G24M series.G24M3/4-120A-4 G24M3/4-120A-12 G24M3/4-120-12 G24M3/4120A12 G24M3/412012


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