Part Number: MESH PREFILTER 220-R1-H16 (2 FILTERS)

SKU: MESH PREFILTER 220-R1-H16 (2 FILTERS) Category:

Fits Honeywell 16″ x 25″ electronic air cleaners. This is an aftermarket product of denser aluminum and lower cost relative to the original Honeywell product Size: 12-7/16″ x 15-5/8″ x 3/8″ (2 required per unit)
Fits: • Honeywell F50A1074, F50E1158, F50E1174, F50E1281, F50E6074, F50E8054, F50F1073, F50F1099, F55F1011, F55F1045, F58A1027, F58F1018, F300A1625, F300E1017, F300E1019 • Lennox EAC-17-14-1


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