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R7-RB168, Heat N Glow GFK-160A Fasco 7002-1241, A133, Royal GFK
R7-RB168, Heat N Glow GFK-160A, Royal GFK-160A, G330AN, G330AL, G330L, G330N, G336AN, G336AL, G336L, G336N, G342AN, G342AL, G342L, G342N, A36C, A36CH, A42C, A42CH, ADI-ZC-FB, ADI60, BCDV36, C40, CB4236IR, CB4842IR, CD42236R, CD484R, CD4236LR, CD4842LR, CD4236IR, CD4842IR, CD4236ILR, CD4842ILR, GBI25, GCBC60, GCBC80, GCDC60, GCDC80, GNTC80, MAXIUS DIRECT VENT, NOVI30, NOVI35, OLYMPUS, SC60, TITAN, Regency wood stove insert 846515 (blower) 490-917 assembly, 170915 Model R7-RB168 Includes blower, cord, speed control, thermoswitch, plate connector, magnets, wiring harness 140 CFM, 1/2400 RPM, .92 amps Overall length = 12.8 in. x 4.6 in. height 2 openings: 1 in. x 4 7/8 in.


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