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Used in Arcoair, Comfortmaker, Heil, Kenmore, Tempstar, Synder General, Intercity Products

AJ024G1 CA9630VKB1 CA9630VKB2 CA7036UKAI CA70636VKA1 CA9630VKB2 CA9630VKC1 CA9630VKA1 CA9630VKA2 CA9630VKA3 CA9630VKB1 AJ030G A8SJ24A3V1 A8SJ24A3V2 A8S530A3V1, A8S530A3V2 A8S536A3V1, A8S536A3V2 AJ024G, AJ024G2 AJ024G, AJ030G AJ030G2, AJ030GA1 AJ030GB1, AJ036GA1 AJ036G AJ036G2 AJ036G3 A8S524A3V1 A8S524A3V2 A8S530A3V1 A8S530A3V2 A8S536A3V1 A8S536A3V2 AJ024G AJ024G2 AJ030G AJ030G2 AJ030GA1 AJ030GB1 AJ036G AJ036G2 AJ036G3 AJ036G4 AJ036GA1 CA7024QKA1 CA7024VKA1 CA7030QKA1 CA7030QKA2 CA7030VKA1 CA7030VKA2 CA7036QKA1 CA7036QKA2 CA7036VKA1 CA7036VKA2 CA9024VKA1 CA9024VKA2 CA9024VKA3 CA9030VKA1 CA9030VKA2 CA9030VKA3 CA9036VKA1 CA9036VKA2 CA9036VKA3 CA9624VKA1 CA9630VKA1 CA9630VKB1 CA9630VKB2 CA9630VKC1 CA9636VKA1 CA9636VKA2 CA9636VKA3 CA9636VKB1 AJ036, AJ036G4 AJ036GA1, CA7024QKA1 CA7024VKA1, CA7030QKA2 CA7030QKA1, CA7030VKA1, CA7030VKA2, CA7036QKA1, CA7036QKA2, CA7036VKA1, CA7036VKA2, CA9024VKA1, CA9024VKA2, CA9024VKA3, CA9030VKA1, CA9030VKA2, CA9030VKA3, CA9036VK01, CA9036VK02, CA9036VK03, CA9624VKA1, CA9630VKA1, Replaces Part Numbers:5KCP39DGLO59S, 5KCP39DG1059S, HQ1053217EM, CAR1053217.


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