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Lennox / Airflow X8609 ST9120U1011 Universal Electronic Fan Timer
The New ST9120U1011 universal platform will not only integrate control of all combustion blower and circulating fan operations in a gas warm air appliance but also replace all other existing Honeywell fan timer boards. This new fan timer will save you time and money with its diagnostic LED and continuous EAC and HUM terminal connections. These new options and features make it the best fan timer for your needs.
• Integrates control of all combustion blower and circulating fan operations in a gas warm-air appliance
• Replaceable fuse
• DIP switch selectable heat and cool delay on and off times
• Diagnostic LED
• EAC and HUM convenience terminal connections and continuous low speed indoor air circulation are provided
• Replace existing Honeywell models: ST9101A1014, ST9120C4057, ST9141B1001, ST9160B1035, ST9101A1022, ST9120C5005, ST9150A1003, ST9160B1043, ST9120A2004, ST9120C5013, ST9150B2000, ST9160B1050, ST9120C2002, ST9120D3009, ST9150B2018, ST9160B1068, ST9120C2010, ST9120G2024, ST9150B2026, ST9160B1076, ST9120C2028, ST9120G2032, ST9150B2034, ST9160B1084, ST9120C3000, ST9120G4004, ST9150C4057, ST9160C1000, ST9120C3018, ST9120G4038, ST9160A1002, ST9160C1018, ST9120C4008, ST9120U1003, ST9160B1001, ST9120C4016, ST9141A1002, ST9160B1019, ST9120C4040, ST9141A1028, ST9160B1027


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