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Majestic, CFM
Majestic FK24(Blower), 33DBVRRN, DBT33,36,39, DBR33,36,39(Model)
Northern Flame FK24, A232, D232—–********—–

R7-RB65 Northern Flame FK24, FK-24, A232, D232, BHDR36, DV360, DV580, DVR33, DVRS3, Majestic FK24, 54103, 33DBCVRRN, DBT33,DBT36, DBT39, DBR33, DBR36, DBR39, CFM HE20, , DVRSL, DVRSR, DVRT36, DVRT39, DVRT43, DVRT41, DVRTSB, FSUV, LHEC20, LHEC30, LHECDV20, LHECDV30, NV360, NV580, NVC, RFS22, RFS32, RFS42, RFSDV22, RFSDV32, RFSDV42, RFSDV24, RFSDV34, RFSUV34, RHE25, RHE32, RHE42, RHEDV25, RHEDV32, RHEDV42, RUVS32, UVS33, UVS36, PYROMASTER FSHUV20RN, FSHUV30RN, FSHUV20RP, FSHUV30RP Includes blower, cord, speed control thermo switch. 130 CFM, 1/2800 RPMs Controls mounted in metal box. Blower mounted on flat plate: 15 in. x 4 in. Plate has mounting holes 14 in. O.C. Flange Opening: 9.5 in. 0.86 amps Overall Blower Length: 12.9 in. Height: 3.75 in. PLEASE NOTE: SOME UNITS THAT HAVE A TOP MOUNT FAN REQUIRE A HIGH TEMP CLASS H UNIT. THIS UNIT LISTED WILL NOT FUNCTION IN THE HIGH TEMP OF AN UPPER MOUNTED FAN


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