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CABINET/CORE: Collar size: 5-inch (127 mm). The case is constructed of 0.032 painted
aluminum with a white enamel finish. The cabinet is fully insulated with 1-inch polyurethane. The unit is equipped with
a polypropylene cross-flow heat exchange core. Shipping weight: 34 lbs (15 kg).
ELECTRICAL: 120V/1/60 Hz. 100W, 0.9A
BLOWERS: Two backward curve impellers using PSC motors and permanently sealed bearings.
_ Furnace interlock options: commands furnace blower when HRV is on or only on high speed
_ Intelligent Defrost: adjusts to outdoor conditions at -5º C (23º F) -10º C (14º F), -15º C (5º F) and -20º C (-4º F)
_ In defrost and recirculation modes, this unit will not induce indoor negative pressure nor recycle exhaust
air; rather, it will redistribute ambient room air.
_ Balancing: independent speed adjustment of either supply or exhaust motor in BOTH high and low speed
_ 24 V circuit protection with self resetting fuse
_ Drain, hanger kit, polyester air filters included
_ 12 VDC AND/OR 24 V remote control options with the following Nu-Air controls:
ES Series (12 VDC): Unlimited numbers. Series or parallel. WINDSOR Series (24 V)
ES-M1: Off/ Stby/ Lo/ Hi
ES-M2: Off/ Stby/ Lo/ 20 Lo—40 Stby
ES-M3: Off/ Stby/ Lo/ 20 Lo—40 Recirculation
ES-M4: Off/ Stby/ Lo/ Recirculation
ES-T1: 20-40-60-minute timer
*ES-DVC: All ES-M functions + 15-30-45-60-minute timer
DSTAT-1: Humidity control
Win-1: Humidity control/ OFF/ STBY/ Continuous/
Intermittent/ Full-time high speed
WIN-20: 20-minute timer (up to 6)
Also: Any 24 V, two-wire switch.
*For models with serial number ES1001108428 and lower (pre-August, 2011), please consult Nu-Air representative.
Defrost: When outdoor temperature falls to -5º C (23º F), an automatic timed defrost cycle is initiated. The fresh air
motor will go to high speed and the exhaust air motor will turn off. A damper will shut off the cold supply port, directing
ambient air through the core for defrosting. The unit will resume normal operation for a fixed duration, then the
processor will read outdoor temperature and initiate defrost as necessary.
Warranty: There is a 5-year warranty on all internal components. The heat recovery core has a lifetime warranty.


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