Part Number: 2-WIRE 1-HOSE 20197312

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Goodman, Amana
2-Wire 1-Hose Replacement Furnace Pressure Switch
Used In Equipment Model Numbers:
P1241602F GUCA070BX30 AMS90453BXA P1256601F AMS90704CXA P1256603F AMS90905DXA P1256605F GUCA045AX30 P1219301F P1227501F P1228801F P1228901F P1239301F GUCA045BX30 P1241601F GUCA045CX30 P1252601F GUCA070AX30 P1219302F P1227502F P1228802F P1228902F P1239302F GUCA070AX40 P1219303F P1227503F P1228803F P1228903F P1239303F GUCA070BX30 P1241602F GUCA070BX40 P1241603F GUCA070CX30 P1252602F GUCA070CX40 P1252603F GUCA090AX40 P1219304F P1227504F P1228804F P1228904F P1239304F GUCA090AX50 P1219305F P1227505F P1228805F P1228905F P1239305F GUCA090BX40 P1241604F GUCA090BX50 P1241605F GUCA090CX40 P1252604F GUCA090CX50 P1252605F GUCA115AX50 P1219306F P1227506F P1228806F P1228906F P1239306F GUCA115BX50 P1241606F GUCA115CX50 P1252606F GULA045AX30 P1245801F GULA045CX30 P1253101F GULA070AX30 P1245802F GULA070AX40 P1245803F GULA070CX30 P1253102F GULA070CX40 P1253103F GULA090AX40 P1245804F GULA090AX50 P1245805F GULA090CX40 P1253104F GULA090CX50 P1253105F GULA115AX50 P1245806F GULA115CX50 P1253106F GUSA070BX35 P1233902F P1239502F P1242002F GUSA070CX35 P1252802F GUSA090BX40 P1233904F P1239504F P1242004F GUSA090BX50 P1233905F P1239505F P1242005F GUSA090CX40 P1252804F GUSA090CX50 P1252805F GUSA115BX50 P1233906F P1239506F P1242006F GUSA115CX50 P1252806F XF900453A P1244401F XF900453B P1253501F XF900703A P1244402F XF900703B P1253502F XF900704A P1244403F XF900704B P1253503F XF900904A P1244404F XF900904B P1253504F XF900905A P1244405F XF900905B P1253505F XF901155A P1244406F XF901155B P1253506F*** Replaces Part Numbers:
201973-05 MPL-9300-V-0.37-DEACT-N/O MPL9300V037DEACTNO CAR20197305 CAR20197312 ***


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