Part Number: ROTOM/FASCO 3/4 H.P 115 VOLT

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3/4 H.P. 115 Volt 3 Speed Reversible Rotation Furnace Blower Motor.(Universal Motor Replacement All Brands)
Tempstar, Rheem, Ruud, Trane, Fasco, Dayton, Carrier, Bryant, Payne, York, Heil, Upgraded Furnace Blower Motor

Motor RPM with wheel on:1075.
Motor RPM with wheel off: 1100.

Replaces Obsolete Blower Motor Part Numbers:

5KCP39PGR855AS F48E34A48 7W7102 026-34035-004 1468-2459 40387-1 10219701 D6984601 5KCP39PGM571 8746510560 KA55HDG-2127 KA55HDG2127 F48D44A45 R47466-001 R47466001 47466001 MOT4723 MOT04723 47466-001 40387-001 40387001 5KCP39RGN639S K55HXDP27023 MOT03484 MOT3484 D9924901 10219707 5KCP39SGN249S 5KCP39KGF-600F 5KCP39KGF600F K55HXPAD4962 K55BWDRJ7033 HQ1010263EM K55HXDJ0011 5KCP35PG403AS 1468-245P 5KCP39SGP964AS 5KCP39PGN545S MOT04717 323P860 M0T3021 MOT4717 51-24435-89 512443589 5KCP39PG HC45AE117 8101-5594 5KCP39PGN362T HC45AE118 657T 8101-5594 5KCP39PGN362T K55HXMWM-4434 323P822 KA55SHD9820 HE3T083 HE3T063 K55BWDRJ7033 HQ1010263EM MOT5452 MOT5463 K55HXDRJ0011 512301741 8101-5594 36801B1 8071B HE3U012 F48A43A45 8Z7106 38777B1 5KCP36PGM54 K55LPJ-6025 K55LPJ6025 K55PMB-5195 S40387-1 5KCP39PGN362T K55HXMWM-4434 ORM1076 KA55SHD9820 024-26097-000 02426097-000 F48G20A48 MOT03021 MOT3021 WG94X0158 18716-01-05 HC45SE114 P251-2704 58EDB0604295 5KCP-39PG-S171 HC45AE118 5KCP39PG CAR512301741 CAR4M183 HE3U012N 51-24043-01 512404301 36801B1 CARD828 CARS88890 CARD724 CARS89287 CAR4M260 CAR3LU87.


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