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Honeywell E.A.C F300E1019 16″ x 25″ (1400 CFM)


• Available in four sizes to fit most ducts; adapts to
airflow from either side.
• Capacity varies from 1200 cfm (2040 m3/hr) to
2000 cfm (3400 m3/hr), depending on size.
• Solid state power supply is self-regulating and
maintains peak efficiency during a wide range of
cell dirt loading conditions.
• Pressure drop is approximately equal to that of a
regular fiberglass filter.
• Optional W8600F Air Cleaner Monitor indicates air
cleaner performance, reminds homeowner when a
cell and prefilter wash is due, and when to check
the system.
• Optional wireless W8600A AIRWATCH™ LCD
indicator provides reminder when air cleaner
electronic cells need washing, as well as reminder
when UV lamps need replacing and when humidifier
pad needs replacing.
• Galvanized cabinet protects against rust.
• Neon light next to on-off switch tells if air cleaner is
powered and if high voltage is present.
• Prefilter screens protect cells from large dirt


The F300E Electronic Air Cleaner is mounted in the return
air duct of a forced air heating, cooling, or ventilating system.
It captures a significant amount of the airborne particles 0.3
microns and larger from the air circulated through it.


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